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February 21, 2019

Claims Insight: Keeping Balance

One of the biggest challenges facing our industry today is the ability to achieve work-life balance. Hard to define, the definition of work-life balance varies depending on the individual and their priorities. The young, single rookie looking to be recognized will have a different notion of “balance” than someone who is satisfied with their current station or who may be close to retirement. These varying priorities can be addressed by providing staff with tools that can help them obtain their own work-life balance. 

What is also required to achieve a work-life balance, is the ability to enjoy what you are doing and to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Both adjusters and project managers are familiar with the constant feeling of being behind; the pile of work at your desk never seems to get smaller. It is hard to enjoy what you are doing when you do not have the satisfaction of making progress. In turn, it is harder to enjoy your time at home with thoughts of how much work you have left at the office. Here are three ways Encircle can help adjusters achieve the work-life balance they desire. 

1. Initial Claims Assessment


Traditionally, when the adjuster first receives a claim, they must reach out to the project manager to determine the cause of loss, whether the insured has signed the work authorization, and if the emergency mitigation has begun. All this is usually done prior to contacting the policyholder.

With the use of Encircle, all the required information is available to the adjuster as soon as they received the file. Encircle provides remote visibility of a loss by enabling the insured to use their mobile device to take photos and share them with the insurer in real-time. This allows the loss to be assessed prior to anyone attending the site. The adjuster can then use the photos and description obtained from the policyholder to determine if the loss is covered without visiting the site.

With less time spent reaching out to the project managers for status updates and more time spent dealing directly with the insured, the adjustor has more time to better manage their files.

2. Documenting Files


Most issues processing claims arise from miscommunication or reports not being documented properly. Once the project manager has attended the site, it is their responsibility to document the claim after they have returned to their desk, often after a full day in the field. Using the details in file, it is up the adjuster to resolve any disputes. Unfortunately, details are sometimes missed or incomplete, often dragging out any disputes and resulting in a poor customer experience.

With Encircle, project managers can document the loss on site and instantly share notes and photos with adjusters. By sharing digital documentation in real-time, the report is less likely to have errors or missed information. This gives adjusters the opportunity to quickly resolve any issues or proactively addressed any possible concerns in advance.

3. Scaling Resources


Often in the initial claim assignment process, claims are assigned from the assignment desk to the claims team. Once a member in the claims team has had the opportunity to assess the claim, they may keep the file or re-assign it based on its complexity.

Using Encircle, we now have visibility of the claim from first notice of loss. Using Link, a premier tool in the Encircle toolkit, policyholders are sent a text message or email to their mobile device when they report a loss to an insurer, enabling the policyholder to take photos and videos of their loss and share them in real-time. The insurer can now immediately assess the loss to determine the coverage and complexity prior to assigning an adjuster.

The adjuster, who is now only receiving covered claims that are within their capabilities, has more time to properly manage workloads. This increase in productivity gives them time to focus on their own priorities, whether it is work or personal. More importantly, it works towards creating a sense of accomplishment, leading to overall job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Encircle provides more than just work-life balance, it also helps improve communication and collaboration by connecting all stakeholders in the claims ecosystem. Find out how Encircle's field documentation and productivity tools can help your team save time and better manage their resources by requesting a demo. 



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