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March 27, 2019

Claims insight: Finding best value through controlling costs

The primary focus of insurance vendor programs is to provide the ultimate customer experience while demonstrating savings. However, there is a polarity between these two objectives: the more savings you try to extract from a vendor, the more likely there is to be a reduction in the quality of service provided. Therefore, the true purpose for any vendor program is to find the cost of optimum service while preventing cost overrun.

When the price is driven down beyond the optimum service value, either the service will be directly affected, or that lost cost will be made up elsewhere. Either way, the result is inconsistent service with no recognized savings. That “savings” is often lost to additional cost incurred to correct poor workmanship or incomplete construction. Even more critical is the direct affect poor service has on customer retention. In fact, more overall true savings can be recognized by controlling cost while paying for consistent quality service.

The best way to achieve optimum service and savings is by controlling cost at a predetermined best value. Here’s how Encircle helps achieve best value.

Maximizing your Utilities


To realize best value from a contractor you need to ensure you have the right people on the right jobs according to their expertise. For example, having a relatively new PM assigned to a complex claim can result in a poorly managed claim and inevitable cost overrun. Likewise, using a seasoned veteran on a simple job results in under-utilized resources and unnecessary costs for experience that is not required. Maximizing utilities results in claims being handled more cost-effectively while increasing the overall productivity of the contractor.

With Encircle, from first notice of loss, both the contractor and the insurer have visibility into the loss prior to attending the site. This not only allows the appropriate resources to be dispatched, but expertise can be scaled up or down according to the complexity of the loss.

Managing the Loss


Not having the ability to always be on site, it is hard for an adjuster to confirm if an estimate is either appropriate or inflated. With real-time updates and access being provided through Encircle, the adjuster has a better remote line of sight and can easily obtain additional information through photos or video upon request. Savings are not only recognized by preventing cost overrun but from time spent trying to obtain additional detail in order to better understand the loss.


With clear line of sight on the claim, the adjuster does not have to follow up with the contractor to learn the status. The adjuster can see if timelines are being met, remotely inspect the quality of work, and keep the insured apprised without having to reach out to the contractor.

Controlling the Scope


There can be unnecessary costs incurred from both under-scoping and over-scoping a loss. While the latter is evident, the impact of under-scoping has the potential for a greater negative customer experience. When a project manager fails to write a sufficient scope, it results in additional cost requirements to complete the job, extended timelines, avoidable use of resources, and the insured’s overall loss in confidence in the contractor and the service being provided.

Traditionally, the ability to prevent additional cost due to the insufficient scoping of a loss is reliant on the technical expertise of both the adjuster and the project manager on site. With the use of Encircle’s mitigation and rebuild scoping tools, the adjuster can be assured that the proper pricing protocols are being followed and that the scope includes all the pertinent line items to successfully complete the job. The result is an accurately scoped estimate, limiting both inflated or incomplete estimates. As a result, less revisions are required, reducing the unnecessary back and forth communication between the insurer and the contractor.

With Encircle, the adjuster can collaborate with the contractor throughout the claims process. With the ability to apply the right resources, monitor progress, and maintain consistent scoping, best value can be achieved. Learn more about how Encircle can help you achieve best value by requesting a demo today!



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