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August 1, 2019

Celebrating success – The benefits of positive vendor management

As Contractor Vendor Programs evolve, and KPIs and SLAs become more challenging, contractors are being held to the task of trying to outperform. Continuous improvement is the foundation of any successful performance-based program. However, there is the risk of pushing past optimum performance. If service providers constantly feel they are missing their goals, any additional effort can be perceived as futile. With benchmarks continually being set beyond the reach of the contractors’ capabilities, overall performance can decrease.

Obtainable Targets


While the contractor should still be challenged to improve the overall quality of service they are providing, the new targets set should be obtainable. New targets need to be based on performance data and process improvements. These targets should be reviewed by both vendor management and the contractor, and agreed upon as the expected benchmark. Again, contractors should feel challenged by these targets, but motivated enough to try to exceed expectations.

Using Encircle helps exceed all current benchmarks. With the use of Encircle from first notice of loss, both the contractor and the insurer have visibility into the loss prior to attending the site. This not only allows the appropriate resources to be dispatched, but expertise can be scaled up or down according to the complexity of the loss. This allows contractors to handle an individual’s claims more effectively upon arrival and frees up overall resources, giving the contractor the ability to handle more volume.

Coaching Opportunities  


Most vendor programs are performance managed, based on monthly reports. The limitation to this is that performance issues are identified after the file is closed. Not only does the contractor miss the opportunity to take corrective action, a negative customer experience will not be effectively addressed. With full access to the information, both the adjuster and the project manager have the chance to navigate through the claims process and avoid issues before they happen.

With Encircle, the adjuster has a clear line of sight on a claim as soon as a PM accepts the assignment. Once the emergency mitigation crew is on site, all photos and authorizations can be seen instantaneously. All work in progress can be monitored and documented in real-time. Our new Web App identifies the status of the claim in progress, so the adjuster or PM can confirm that timelines are being met. This gives both the adjuster and the PM the opportunity to identify and proactively address any  issues or concerns.

Celebrating Success


Encircle has developed a baseline workflow that produces an extensively documented claim file. This includes photos showing the cause of loss, pre-existing conditions, and completed work, as well as all the necessary documents and signed authorizations. If any additional photos are required, Link can be sent to whoever is working on site to take the pictures. The result is a consistent, comprehensive claim file that can be easily audited.


Find out how Encircle can give your team remote visibility into a loss and create thoroughly documented claims by requesting a demo today. 



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