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December 18, 2018

Claims insight: Encircle the globe

In an age of electronic commerce and cloud computing, customer expectations are steadily growing. Businesses across the globe are looking for new platforms to enhance their service, and in turn, are discovering Encircle. In the global environment that exists today, consumers know what they want and the kind of service they should expect, and these expectations translate across borders. Here are four ways Encircle fulfills the growing needs of the consumer.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see the property and casualty insurance industry in Canada, US, UK, and Australia embrace Encircle. The fact that Encircle is improving claim cycle times and customer experience while at the same time reducing administrative burden on carriers, contractors and policyholders is gaining global attention.” – Paul Donald, Encircle CEO

1. Customer Centric


The Encircle Platform focuses on servicing the customer, keeping them fully involved and informed on the progress of their claim. When reporting the claim, the insured can provide a thorough description of their loss as well as convey their possible immediate needs using Link. ‘Link’ is a text message or email sent to the insureds’ mobile device that connects them with you and the Encircle Platform. With Link, the insured can provide a photo of their loss in real-time to both the Adjuster and the Project Manager, giving them the information needed to assess and identify what may be required to provide optimum service to the insured before visiting the site.

2. High Quality, Low Cost, and Timeliness


Of these three service attributes, it is often said you can only pick two. You can provide quick, low-cost service, but it will affect the quality. You can provide high quality, low-cost service, but it will take longer, or you can provide quality service in a timely manner, but it will be at a high-cost. The challenge facing most service providers today is the expectation to provide fast, high-quality service at the lowest price.

The Encircle Platform helps insurance carriers achieve all three service attributes. Claims can be handled faster with real-time reporting and authorization. Quality is always maintained with the ability to have eyes on the claim as it progresses and cost is controlled using Encircle’s scoping tool, which restricts the estimator from adding unnecessary line items. Encircle’s scoping tool also formats the estimate so that it is easily auditable.

3. Setting Expectations


When creating a positive claims experience, setting clear expectations for the insured is just as important as the quality of work performed. Failure to provide regular updates on progress or possible delays leaves the insured frustrated and disappointed with the service no matter how well the work was finally completed.

With real-time access to the insured’s claim, the Adjuster can make certain that the insured is being kept up-to-date on the progress of their claim. Both the Adjuster and the Project Manager have the ability to email the insured with high-level timelines, or documents directly from Encircle if requested.

4. Ease of Doing Business


Using the Encircle Platform to receive the initial claim not only makes the interaction easier for the customer, it is also more reassuring. By providing photo and video documentation, it is easier for the insured to provide details of their loss. Equipped with a clear description of the claim, both the Adjuster and the Project Manager are able to fully explain what arrangements are being made and any possible steps the insured should be taking in the meantime.

For the Adjuster and the Project Manager, Encircle simplifies processes and reduces the need for unnecessary status requests. All parties have a clear line of sight on the claim status with all necessary documents and report on file.

The Encircle Platform focuses on creating a more efficient claims handling process, reducing the administrative burden, while creating transparency and improving customer service. All this results in shorter claim cycle times, which is key to a positive customer experience. Start a trial to find out firsthand how Encircle can help you process claims faster and improve your customer service.


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