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May 19, 2022

How can restoration companies better market themselves?

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This article is a guest contribution from ATI Restoration.

Even though restoration is a crucial business, most people take their time to find reputable restoration companies in their locality. If you run a restoration company, it may take time before motivated clients find your services. Aggressive restoration business owners should use various marketing strategies to put their business in front of potential clients.

Here are some of the ways restoration companies can market themselves.

social-media-marketing-icon1. Social Media Marketing

The social media landscape has evolved drastically. Social media is currently a vital component of any effective marketing strategy. That said, if you aren’t using your social media platforms properly, you are missing out on many business opportunities.

You should create and maintain a consistent social media brand image and visibility. Doing this not only makes it easy for potential clients to find you but also builds trust in your restoration services. Your social media platforms should clearly display your logo, services offered, and contact information.

Even though a simple business page setup might be enough, implementing various social media marketing strategies can bring you more clients. For instance, you should frequently post and share details of your recent jobs, restoration tips, and infographics. Also, engage with your followers and personalize your interactions.

referral-program-icon2. Create a Referral Program

Referrals are incredibly beneficial for any restoration company. Channeling your time, money, and effort in creating a solid customer referral program lands you many customers. The referral program should outline clearly what customers get for successful referrals.

For instance, you can promise $100 cash for any client who refers another customer in need of clean up after smoke damage. You can also adopt a 10% commission on the customers’ invoices. Whatever you find suitable, ensure that you fulfill it.

local-associations-icon3. Local Associations

Most business owners think being members of the community’s chamber of commerce is enough for their businesses. However, you should explore other local associations, memberships, and organizations to widen your brand reach and boost search engine rankings.

By joining these institutions, your website will be listed in membership directories that link directly back to your business. Local associations help enhance your business’s geo-relevance and credibility. Even though some associations require that you pay listing fees, the price is worth the returns.

Local associations to consider include;

  • Local travel websites and resource pages
  • Business groups
  • Local health departments
  • Housing and builders’ association
  • Property managers associations
  • Local emergency resource groups

brochures-icon4. Use Brochures

Most restoration businesses ignore or overlook the effectiveness of brochure marketing systems. While it is a traditional marketing strategy, brochures help educate prospects and clients. Most customers are often overwhelmed, confused, or don’t know what to do after an event.

You should use this opportunity to win clients by educating them. Your brochure should contain educative materials, such as what homeowners should do after floods, how to handle insurance issues, tips to avoid mold growth, and more.

Well-designed brochures will make you stand out as a professional. Brochures are excellent sales materials when marketing your services to realtors, plumbers, and other related businesses. They can also be used by your referral sources when marketing your restoration business.


Marketing your restoration business should be a continuous effort. Unfortunately, many restoration business owners employ outdated marketing strategies or give up on marketing easily. Like other businesses, you shouldn’t rely on one marketing strategy for your restoration business. Have at least three strategies running simultaneously and keep testing others. Doing this will position you ahead of your competitors.

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