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April 16, 2019

3 ways Link drives value for restorers

The phone rings. It’s a panicked homeowner. They just discovered that their basement is flooded and their personal belongings have been damaged. You prepare for the loss based on what they’ve recounted and mobilize your team. Except when they arrive, your team discovers that the flood the homeowner described is actually an inch deep puddle of water. You brought more people and equipment than you needed, but you’re on site now, so you eat the extra cost. This could have been avoided with Encircle’s Link tool.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Encircle’s Link tool helps contractors and policyholders document and show the severity of a loss. Link also gives you remote visibility into the field so you can proactively mitigate losses before you’re on site. Here are 3 ways that Link can help you reduce liabilities and better manage your resources, while allowing you to provide exceptional service.

1. Reduce Liabilities with Remote Visibility

Link connects you to the homeowner via text message or email so that they can document their loss at FNOL or sign documents without having to download the Encircle app. You can also speak with the homeowner while they use Link, providing guidance and empathizing with them. Even better, you’ll receive the photos in real-time, giving you the ability to see directly into the field while at the office. This insight will help you understand the scope of damage and avoid ‘no claim’ situations, so you’ll know it’s a covered loss that you’ll get paid for before you’re even on site.

2. Better Manage Your Resources

When you can see the loss, you can make a plan to mitigate it. That means you can better match your people and equipment to the needs of each job, rather than having too many or too few resources mobilized in the response. With Link, you do not have to guess what the extent of the damage is - you can see it and respond accordingly. Consequently, you can scale your resources based on the severity of the loss and assign technicians based on their skill set and experience, giving you the ability to complete more jobs with less errors.

3. Exceed Customer Expectations

By seeing a loss through the eyes of the homeowner, you can better empathize with them and empower them to work with you towards a solution. Link allows the homeowner to take the first step in the resolution of the claim by documenting and sharing it with you. It also helps work to begin quickly by allowing restorers to send work authorizations and other forms to homeowners for them to sign. See the photos and signed documents in real-time thanks to in-app notifications. By working with the homeowner, you build trust through transparency and arrive prepared - exceeding their expectations.

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