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Customer spotlight: BELFOR London adopting Encircle

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In this customer story, we meet with Phil Scott, Senior Project Manager of BELFOR London to find out why BELFOR loves Encircle and how it's making their jobs easier! Phil shares how the Encircle Moisture tool is helping them create comprehensive moisture reports and documentation, helping them reduce cycle times.

Tell us about yourself.
Tell us about BELFOR London.

I've been with the company for 24 years and I've been in restoration for 24 plus years. I'm a licensed carpenter by trade, so I've been around building and construction for a very long time.

BELFOR London is one of BELFOR's flagship offices. We have a very large staff, close to 80-90 people that work out of this office on a daily basis. We cover London and surrounding areas, some about an hour travel distance away. BELFOR deals with any loss, any size, from large commercial losses all the way down to Mrs. Jones' leaky sink. So we handle water, fire, flood, and wind damage. Anything that is out there in the disaster world, BELFOR steps up.

How did the BELFOR team adopt Encircle?

BELFOR's teams are very open-minded, they know we're going through a period of growth and development adopting Encircle. They're smart, intelligent people. They like making their jobs easier, and making it easier to achieve the end result we all want. 

How does your office team use Encircle?

Encircle is a big part of our project manager assistants' day. They can draw information, pull documents, and send those documents where they need to go, even before we leave the site, which is great! The insurers are getting that information as quickly as possible.

How does your field team use Encircle?

The technicians and the project managers find using Encircle on their phones really simple. We live and breathe on our phones, they're with us all the time. The nice thing for the technicians and project managers is to be able to walk into a claim and have your phone and the moisture meter and know everything can be taken care of with just those two tools. The data entry is simple, you can do a lot of it just using your thumb, which definitely makes navigating a water loss or a fire a lot easier.

Learn how you too can use Encircle to easily collect and share field data.