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February 2, 2024

7 essential marketing strategies to grow your restoration business

Marketing your restoration business can be simpler than it looks. In this guide, we're breaking down the essentials: easy-to-follow strategies to get your business noticed and grow your customer base. Whether you're just starting out or fine-tuning your current approach, we've got practical tips that'll make a real difference.

Marketing your restoration business.

Find what makes your restoration service unique

Understanding what makes your business special is key. It's not just about being another choice for your customers; it's about being the go-to choice in their time of need.

Checklist to pinpoint what makes you stand out:
  • Chat with your customers, even the ones who weren’t happy. Their feedback is gold.
  • Find out what you do best.
  • Make sure your specialized services meet customer needs.
  • In all your marketing, don't forget to spotlight these unique aspects.

Pro tip: Stay on your toes! Regularly update your unique points as you learn more from your customers and as the market evolves.

Zero in on the best marketing tactics for your business

Let’s keep it simple and effective. You don’t need to do everything; just nail the stuff that really counts.

Checklist for savvy marketing:
  • Get to know your customers: Figure out who they need and when they need you the most.
  • Choose tactics that hit home: Focus on strategies that matter in emergencies, like local SEO or building strong referral networks.
  • Keep tabs on your leads: Always ask new clients how they found you. This tells you what’s working.
  • Quality over quantity: Be awesome at a few key tactics instead of average at many.

Pro tip: Stay flexible and keep tweaking your strategy based on what gets results and feedback.

Build a website that wows your customers

Your website is your digital handshake — it's how you make a great first impression. Let's make sure it showcases your services and is super easy for customers to use.

Checklist for a standout restoration business website:
    • Find an easy platform for creating and managing your website.
    • Talk about your services like you're explaining them to a friend.
      • Define each service you offer (e.g., water damage restoration, full service restoration) and why it matters.
      • Highlight what sets your services apart.
      • Use simple, jargon-free language.
    • Show your work: Include before-and-after photos, testimonials, and detailed descriptions of past projects.
    • Make getting in touch a no-brainer.
      • Visible contact info in the ‘top fold’ of your website.
      • Make phone numbers click-to-call for mobile users.
      • Include a straightforward contact form and a dedicated contact page.
      • Incorporate Google Reviews: put those happy reviews front and center.

Pro tip: Keep your site fresh and exciting with new content, project snapshots, and the latest rave reviews.

Get noticed locally with Google Business Profile

A sharp Google Business Profile can put you on the map — literally. It's like your online storefront that guides customers right to your door.

Checklist for maximizing your Google Business Profile:
  • Fill out your profile completely: Keep your business info like name, address, and hours spot on.
  • Pick the right categories: Choose ones that really describe your restoration services.
  • Describe what you do: Use simple words your customers are searching for, like 'fire damage repair'.
  • Show off with photos: Add great shots of your work, your team, and those amazing before-and-afters.
  • Collect those stars: Encourage happy customers to leave reviews and respond to them to show you care.
  • Be responsive: Answer customer questions fast through your profile.

Pro tip: Boost customer reviews by sending a thank-you email with a review link after service completion. And make sure to update your profile a couple times a year with fresh content to keep it engaging.

Google Business Profile

Make social media work for your restoration business

Social media can be another great tool for local marketing.

Checklist for effective social media use:
      • Choose your stage: Pick one or two platforms where your customers hang out.
      • Share stuff they’ll love: Post relevant and useful content consistently.
      • Engage authentically: Focus on connecting, not just selling.
      • Be ready to chat: Respond quickly to any questions or comments.

Pro tip: Use AI as your creative assistant — it can help you write social media captions, generate social content ideas, or even draft replies to common customer inquiries.

Boost trust with customer stories and testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than happy customers sharing their experiences. Let's make their stories work for your business!

Checklist for using testimonials like a pro:
      • Collect those shining reviews: Actively ask for feedback and success stories from your clients.
      • Show them off: Feature these stories on your website, social media, and newsletters.
      • Highlight certifications and awards: Include any professional recognition or certifications in your marketing.
      • Encourage online reviews: Ask clients to leave reviews on Google or Yelp.
      • Keep it fresh: Regularly update your content with the latest testimonials.

Pro tip: Set up a simple system to regularly gather and share new customer stories to keep your marketing fresh and relatable.

Dive into digital advertising for your restoration biz

Ready to give your business a digital boost? Starting with digital ads might feel like a big leap, but here's how to make it manageable and effective.

Checklist for starting with digital ads:
      • Test the waters: Try out platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads with a small budget first.
      • Track your success: Use a specific webpage to see where your leads are coming from.
      • Know your audience: Aim your ads at the right people in the right places.
      • Learn as you go: Check out free courses like Google Skillshop to get smarter about your ads.

Pro tip: Feeling swamped? Team up with a digital marketing agency that knows the restoration game inside out. They can take your advertising to the next level.

When to think about outsourcing your marketings

There comes a time when handling all your marketing might just be too much. That's when you might want to get some pros on board.

Checklist for finding the right marketing agency:
      • Pin down what you need: Identify where you need the most help.
      • Scout for industry-specific agencies: You’ll want one with a strong track record in the restoration space.
      • Compare prices and services: Get quotes from a few agencies to see what fits your budget.
      • Check their references: Make sure their past clients are happy with their work.
      • Read the fine print: Understand every detail before you sign anything.
      • Set clear goals: Tell the agency exactly what you're aiming for.

Pro tip: Clear communication is key — make sure you and the agency are on the same page about what you want and expect.

Key marketing moves for real results

Marketing your restoration business just got simpler. Focus on key steps: perfect your Google Business Profile, enhance your website, and engage on social media. Consistency is your best friend — keep in touch with your audience and update your content regularly to maintain connections and stay top of customers' minds.

Most importantly, tailor your approach. Marketing isn't one-size-fits-all, so tweak and invest gradually to discover what resonates with your restoration business. Stick with it to find your best strategy.

Marketing your restoration business.


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