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May 1, 2024

Cut contents packout chaos: Contech Pros reduces paperwork time by 60% with Encircle



Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Founded: 2019
Industry: Contents Cleaning & Restoration

Slashed field paperwork time by 60%: From 90 mins to just half an hour
Item searches 96% faster: From 3 hours to 3 mins
Fewer disputes: Removed liability for pre-existing damage
Business growth: Encircle scales with Contech Pros

Contents management made easy: How Encircle helped a content restoration company grow

Contech Pros, launched in 2019, emerged from its parent company, No Problem Movers, a veteran in the moving industry for 25 years. Diving into the niche of contents restoration and cleaning, particularly for insurance claims dealing with fire and water damage, Contech Pros quickly established itself as a specialist in this critical area.

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Tackling contents inventory and documentation issues

Operating out of a 30,000 square-foot storage facility, the challenge for Contech Pros wasn’t just about handling more jobs‌ — ‌it was about managing these jobs more efficiently. This was especially true for inventory management and documentation. Both of these aspects are crucial for satisfying insurance carriers and protecting customer happiness.


Streamlining contents management with tech

The turning point came when Abbas, VP of Operations, Contech Pros, discovered Encircle. Abbas was impressed by Encircle's approach to managing contents. It made it easy to capture items, assign costs, and generate reports, which helped them manage their inventory, documentation, and customer communication much better.

"We were looking for some type of ‌inventory tracking solution. We went through everything and saw that none of those softwares were even close to what we needed it to do. When we came across Encircle, we said that's exactly what we want!”

Adopting Encircle at Contech Pros was more than implementing new software; it was about making sure every team member could use it well. With Encircle's easy-to-follow videos and hands-on support, the team quickly learned to use the system efficiently. Now, they’re able to work faster, with more confidence.

"My team loves it because it's less time-consuming. It's very efficient for them. If something needs to be brought out, they know exactly where it's sitting and they can get it within seconds."

Abbas explains how crucial Encircle is: "It's such an intricate part of our business."

Streamline your packouts for more efficient contents management


Time savings, enhanced accuracy, and business expansion

Cut time on paperwork by 60%

Previously, Abbas and his team spent extra time on site managing paperwork.

“It was ranging between half an hour to an hour and a half of time that was being added on because of the additional paperwork. With Encircle, half an hour becomes ten minutes. The 90 mins became almost half an hour. Not using the paper documentation allowed us to save a lot of time.”

Item searches 96% more efficient — delighting their clients

"What used to be a 3-hour search became a 3-minute search.”  — Abbas Hasan, VP of Operations, Contech Pros


Fewer disputes with better documentation

With Encircle, documenting pre-existing damage and item condition became a breeze. This helped avoid disputes by providing accurate records. Abbas notes the practical application: "We were able to show homeowners the before and after pictures and it alleviated a lot of stress, from the aspect of us having to be responsible for the damage because it was already existing."

See how Encircle streamlines reports: Click here to download a sample Contents Photo Report

Improved process for identifying and reporting item details

Using Google Lens within Encircle’s web app for item identification was highlighted by Abbas as a game-changer in improving the reporting process. "All you would have to do was right-click on the image itself and it opens up Google Lens...So we were able to put descriptions and it was a lot more thorough."

Contents business growth and scalability

Encircle's scalability has been instrumental in Content Pros' ability to explore new markets and services, such as trade show logistics.

“Encircle helped us grow the business...the return on investment has been substantially beneficial."

Take control and simplify contents packout to level up your contents management.

Taking contents management to the next level

With Encircle, Contech Pros made big changes in how they manage contents inventory and deal with insurance carriers. It's clear: the right tech makes their job easier and their service better.

Abbas' team loves its ease of use and sees it as a valuable tool for any contents management business.

“Encircle is as easy as taking a selfie — if you can take a selfie, then you can use Encircle.”

Find out how Encircle can help you end paperwork headaches, stop chasing lost items, and say goodbye to insurance carrier disputes.


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.