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May 29, 2019

Claims insight: Changing landscapes

With the industry experiencing many acquisitions and mergers, the search for a comprehensive claims management platform is becoming increasingly important. As both insurance companies and restoration contractors continue to search for opportunities to grow, acquisitions and mergers are occurring on a regular basis. With this type of growth, comes the challenge of merging capabilities and resources. Deciding on which technology to use or whose process to follow can be an arduous, time-consuming task. Here’s why Encircle should be your solution as a claim management tool.

Transparency and Efficiency

Encircle creates transparency and efficiency for all parties involved in a claim. Both carriers and contractors always have a clear line of sight and real-time access to the file, while the policyholder can provide direct input and receive immediate status updates.

From first notice of loss, the policyholder provides a detailed description of the loss using Encircle Link. The policyholder can feel confident that their description of the loss has been understood and can be addressed effectively. The photos provided by them, gives the contractor immediate insight into the severity of the loss, allowing the contractor to scale resources appropriately. In turn, the policyholder sees their loss being handled immediately and efficiently, leading to a positive customer experience and a more productive contractor.

The adjuster also has a clear line of sight on the claim's status. Waiting for updates from the project manager is no longer required and any additional updates can be provided immediately. Whether the policyholder reaches out to the adjuster or project manager, both have access to the same information regarding the progress of the claim.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Traditionally a project manager’s day is split between being on site working on claims and at the desk completing paperwork. With Encircle, the PM can stay on the road. All necessary reporting can be done in the field. Not only does this improve the project manager’s overall productivity, it improves the accuracy of their reporting as it is completed on site, instead of at the end of the day.

Plus, with the use of Link, all required authorizations can be signed and uploaded immediately. No longer is time wasted on arranging appointments with the policyholder or having to follow up for signature. By using Encircle, a hub and spoke model can be built where PMs are staying on the road with the Admin Team providing support when necessary.


Encircle has developed a baseline workflow that produces an extensively documented claim file. This includes photos showing the cause of loss, pre-existing conditions, and completed work, as well as all the necessary documents and signed authorizations. If any additional photos are required, Link can be sent to whoever is working on site to take the necessary pictures. The result is a comprehensive claim file that is in a consistent format and can be easily audited.

Find out how Encircle can give your team remote visibility into a loss and create thoroughly documented claims by requesting a demo today.



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