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October 1, 2020

Increasing work capacity through technology rather than brute force using Encircle


Location: North Fort Worth, TX

Founded: 2016

Industry: Restoration

Paper based processed resulting in business limitations

Encircle and Xcelerate Software

Job cycle times have decreased by up to 5 days and accounts receivables payment times have decreased by up to 84%.

Effective daily restoration job management and documentation with Xcelerate Software and Encircle.


In 2016, Paul launched himself into the restoration industry by establishing the Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth franchise location in Texas. At the time, he was a one-man shop, wearing hats for everything from sales and marketing, administrative tasks and accounting, as well as the hands-on management of daily production efforts. After two years of building the small business, he found their job cycle time and time to payment were too long with paper-driven workflows.

“Our paper processes certainly challenged us and resulted in business limitations,” says Paul. “We had several office whiteboards that were constantly filled with critical job information. Aside from these details not being protected from loss, the information was not readily available to our team in the field and was the source of some operational frustration - especially as we grew in the number of employees and trucks. Managing daily projects this way was extremely cumbersome, as we never had a good idea of where jobs stood in progress, and there were a lot of dropped balls.”

Relying on paper processes also stressed the operational tasks in the field, such as regularly collecting and filing job documentation and agreements. The business was regularly missing a significant amount of job documentation across their jobs, making it increasingly difficult to justify the work performed, bill their customers, and ultimately get paid for work completed. Paul knew he needed to implement a better system for organizing and securing internal processes through automated, effective processes. He knew that the benefits he was looking for could be found in software.

"Xcelerate and Encircle have hands-down made the process of recording job data and insights easier than ever before.”



Paul wanted an end-to-end solution that would centralize job data, help close jobs on time, and encourage faster payments. In considering options designed for restorers, Paul was introduced to both Encircle and Xcelerate Software by a trusted industry advisor.

The Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth team immediately adopted Encircle to replace their paper-driven workflows. With an easy to use mobile workflow, they now had an effective platform in place for efficiently completing job documentation for moisture and contents management, scoping, photos, and more.

Next, Paul implemented Xcelerate Software as a centralized hub to manage detailed job progress from beginning to end. Xcelerate directly integrates with Encircle to sync job documentation, further helping to bridge the gap between field and office staff, while also gaining additional powerful benefits including job scheduling, employee time tracking, job costing and financials, automated task workflows, and robust reporting insights.

“It is crucial to tell a clear story of the job to justify your invoice and get paid faster,” says Paul. “Our technology decisions are fulfilling that very purpose.”

Today, every member of the Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth team uses the combined solution to manage daily office and field requirements. The challenges previously experienced with poor documentation, decentralized data, and inefficient paper processes are all but eliminated, and he feels more confident and in control of his daily operations.

“Xcelerate and Encircle have hands-down made the process of recording job data and insights easier than ever before,” says Paul. “If there’s ever a question from an adjuster or agent on a job, the documentation more than meets the requirements they are looking for. It truly has simplified our lives and better positioned our business for growth.”

Reduce cycle time using Encircledecrease payment time 84% using Encircle


By using Xcelerate Software and Encircle, Paul can effectively manage more jobs with improved documentation and accuracy. Without increasing administrative workload, the number of jobs in his pipeline has grown, and operational revenue has increased. Job cycle times have decreased by up to 5 days, and accounts receivables payment times have decreased by up to 84%.

Using Xcelerate Software and Encircle solutions, Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth provides a positive customer experience through organization and communication and has consistently happy customers who give them 5-star reviews.

“When comparing Encircle and Xcelerate to other platforms in the field, it’s hands down a cleaner and more intuitive combined solution for managing business operations,” says Paul. “There’s simply nothing better on the market today that provides proven results for a restoration contractor.”

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When disaster strikes, Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth is available 24/7 to provide peace of mind. Our highly-trained and qualified restoration experts understand how to combat damage from storms, flooding, fire, and other disasters. With proven experience, advanced equipment, and certified professionals, we know how to complete a restoration job with ease.

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Connecting the claims process from first notice of loss to claim closed, Encircle helps insurance companies, TPAs, and restoration contractors work collaboratively on one easy-to use platform. Insurers, TPAs, restorers, and policyholders alike can instantly share pictures, videos, reports, sketches, and more, thereby improving communication and customer satisfaction. Discover how Encircle makes managing claims easy at

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Xcelerate Software is the most innovative restoration job management software available. Built from an in-the-field perspective, Xcelerate is uniquely equipped to increase operational efficiency, improve profitability, and elevate both job and team management for restoration contractors. In a market where job management software has become overly complex, outdated and overpriced, Xcelerate Software is placing renewed emphasis on delivering a simple, yet comprehensive solution that benefits all employees within a restoration organization. Learn how you can restore your power to succeed at


Get complete and consistent field documentation everytime.

Learn how Encircle can help you and your field teams ease the documentation burden.