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Encircle Photos update! New camera features & functionality.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it – did it ever really make a sound? The same can be said about a restoration job; If you do the work, but don’t document it – did the work ever really happen?

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Pictures get you paid

The Encircle app makes it easy to capture the photos and videos in the field that are required to document the details of a job, tell the story of a loss, and get paid fairly for all of the work that was done. That’s why thousands of restorers around the globe have trusted Encircle as their preferred choice for field documentation for nearly 10 years.

But field teams don’t want to be spending their time documenting the job, they want to take the pictures and get on with the work. That’s why we’ve updated the camera to make it even faster and easier to capture photos and videos in the field.

Rapid-fire photos

The new Encircle camera looks and works just like the camera on any smartphone, so anyone can jump in and start taking pictures on the job with very little instruction. Photos will appear in the thumbnail gallery as they are taken and are easily reviewed with one click. You can also now easily switch between photos and videos on one screen and adjust the exposure for bright or low-light situations.

Data integrity

Taking your photos in the Encircle app gives you the confidence that your documentation is rock-solid – time and date stamped photos provide the indisputable facts to justify your invoices. Not to mention that the photos in Encircle are synced in real time with the office team, so there is complete visibility of the documentation, right as it happens.

Coming Soon - iOS ultra wide camera and volume button photo capture

If you have an iPhone Pro you can use its ultra-wide camera to give you a wider perspective when capturing overview photos on a job. All smartphone users (iOS and Android) will be able to use the phone’s volume buttons to snap photos and start and stop videos, allowing for one-handed functionality – making you the ultimate multi-tasker.

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