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How to manage your Restoration Business in times of change

The property damage industry is cyclical by nature. The impact of natural disasters and the typical months in which they happen, require restoration contractors to be prepared. Restoration companies must constantly adjust to handle sliding numbers of claims, manage their workforce, and ever-growing administrative requirements. 

Having the right processes in place helps operations run smoothly when the tides change. Regular review ensures they align with the size and complexity of the job and company requirements.

Document management

Have you digitized all your important forms? By that, we don’t mean having them in a Word doc to print out. Manually moving or managing paper documents is an inefficient and redundant task. Time-sensitive forms cannot wait to be signed and information cannot be relayed to the right person at the end of the day. 

The importance of real-time digital documentation and reporting is vital in the restoration industry. Not having your forms embedded in your workflow where you can get remote sign-off and generate reports with a few clicks, will create unnecessary bottlenecks or have critical paperwork fall through the cracks leaving you open to unnecessary liability.

Boost collaboration and monitor progress

A lack of communication can be the curse of any restoration project. One of the causes of this problem is the way companies have siloed and isolated departments from one another. This inhibits collaboration and data sharing and creates tangles and confusion in the workflow. 

Encircle’s mobile field documentation solution bridges information silos, keeping both field and office team members always connected with real-time job updates. With greater collaboration, team members will be able to close claims faster, increase their KPI compliance and greatly reduce their liability. 

The increased transparency Encircle provides, will help build trust between all claims stakeholders. Resolving losses in a timely manner allows for maximum customer satisfaction.

Your company can remain nimble and capable of scaling to respond to constant changes in the market and client demands. 



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