PuroClean Restoration Uses Encircle
for High-Touch Customer Service


PuroClean Restoration Uses Encircle for High-Touch Customer Service

Earning the reputation as “The Paramedics of Property Damage”, PuroClean goes above and beyond to rescue damaged properties. Grant Blanden, owner of PuroClean Restoration Services in North Shore, Burnaby & Greater Vancouver has 20 years of strategic planning, sales and operational experience. Grant’s entrepreneurial spirit helps PuroClean exceed client expectations every day.


Grant targets a higher end market through the use of more sophisticated field solutions. “I use technology to expedite processes and to be more efficient for the customer. Speed of information is extremely important. I need to share and get immediate updates from multiple touch points in the ecosystem,” explains Grant. “You have to be good at what you do, of course, but having a truly successful business is based on one simple concept: trust. With trust, you’ll have customers for life. My team operates on three core competencies: service, consistency and transparency – and technology helps deliver on this.”


Prior to going to a site, Grant and his team use Link in Encircle to obtain the homeowner’s summary of damage. “Getting situational facts directly from the policyholder enables our team to deploy the right resources the first time.” Then, once his team is on site, they focus on thoroughly documenting any pre-existing damage – a critical step in setting proper expectations with the homeowner. “I instruct my team to take plenty of photos and videos when first arriving on the scene,” explains Grant. “Being able to identify expensive pre-existing damage, such as roof repairs, certainly helps protect a restoration contractor from any liability, but it's the small items that can add up and result in customer dissatisfaction. Identifying pre-existing damage versus damage caused by the loss saves significant time and money.” For Grant, collaboration and transparency is key to a fair and consistent outcome for all involved in the claims ecosystem.


“Encircle is a must have tool. You don’t have to be technical or have a construction background to understand the platform's capabilities. It’s intuitive and it just works. If I could have deployed Encircle sooner, I’d have been protected from difficult situations involving pre-existing damage. The ability to collaborate with different experts like head office, adjusters, and other franchise owners helps me make better, more informed decisions on a daily basis.”

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Multi-directional and factual data is vital to making processes flow efficiently. By building bridges between the policyholder, broker, adjuster and insurance company, Grant's operations are driven by accuracy and transparency – making the overall ecosystem more productive. Encircle promotes greater trust across all parties involved in the claim. “At the end of the day, you want to maximize resources in the ecosystem,” says Grant. “It’s about making business more stable, increasing profitability, reducing communication gaps and making processes easier to manage.”

PuroClean stands apart from competitors. With high-touch service, Grant also has seamless partnerships with insurance companies. Using Encircle, Grant increases business productivity while delivering quality and reliability. The PuroClean team performs at optimal levels and produces the best possible results.



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