Northbridge Financial
Encircle Auto Claims Case Study


Northbridge Financial Encircle Auto Claims Case Study

Northbridge Financial, a North American Commercial Insurance company with over $1B in annual written premiums, was looking to decrease auto claims cycle time and expenses, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using Encircle, this insurer estimates that it will save an average of $330 per claim through decreased appraisal, adjuster, and administrative costs, exceeding a 12x return on investment for auto claims alone. Encircle enabled Northbridge to significantly improve customer experience and employee satisfaction by adopting innovative mobile technology.


Prior to deploying Encircle, the Claims team sent out Appraisers for nearly all claims along with Independent Adjusters (IAs) on more complex claims. This resulted in expenses ranging from $200-$4,000 per claim. With settlement times often exceeding 10 days, many phone calls and a heavy administrative burden between the policyholder and claims adjuster, the auto claims process was frustrating for everyone involved. The team realized this process could be dramatically improved by leveraging mobile technology. Minor and obvious total losses could be desk-adjusted by having policyholders submit photos of damages. This would significantly reduce claim expenses and claim cycle times and provide a better claims experience for the customer. Northbridge chose Encircle for its easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy web and mobile platform.


Northbridge empowered its claims desk with Link from Encircle – a powerful feature within the Encircle platform that sends the policyholder a text message with a link enabling them to provide photos from their smartphone without having to download an app. The claims desk walks the policyholder through the photo-capture process while on the phone, creating an interactive experience between the insurer and policyholder.

According to Jaclyn Webster, National Manager of Claims Operational Initiatives, “We knew using Link made a lot of financial sense for us, but what surprised us was how much the policyholders love being part of the process.”

“Almost without exception policyholders love this feature. When they receive their link and start taking photos, they feel empowered.”

Through Encircle, the claims professional can see the photos as they are taken, allowing them to work with the policyholder to make sure they get all of the photos that are needed to determine the value of the claim.

Encircle generates a full carrier branded appraisal report that the insured can sign off on. This functionality enables rapid settlement and improved reserve timeliness and accuracy. Encircle’s platform powered an enhanced and faster claim experience for policyholders by connecting all stakeholders in the claim.


Customers are blown-away, especially when we can settle the claim before they even leave the scene of the accident.”

Jaclyn Webster, Northbridge Financial



The use of Encircle has significantly enhanced the customer experience, reduced claims severity and reduced cycle times through increased transparency and connectivity in the claims process.



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Lack of visibility into the field

Link by Encircle for remote visibility and photo documentation

Able to deploy the right equipment and personnel before they’re on site