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Encircle's real-time field documentation and productivity tools help restoration contractors and service providers improve cycle times, manage field teams, increase profits, and wow your customers.

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Remote visibility enables accurate situation assessment and resource assignment. Real-time sharing connects the field to the office so they can work in parallel.

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Eliminate pen and paper processes with instant collection and sharing of information. Complete jobs faster and manage claims with collaboration tools and automated reports.

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Promote trust, provide transparency, and improve the customer experience by enabling policyholders to gather and share digital images and information from the site of loss.



Keep more money in your pocket. Achieve higher profitability by reducing the cost associated with tedious and unnecessary tasks.

Link keeps you connected to the Policyholder

Use Link to get remote visibility throughout the life of a claim. Determine the scope of damage before you’re even onsite so you can send the right equipment, employees and other resources. Get customer approvals and sign-off before arriving on site. Improve productivity and achieve results. 

  • Gain remote visibility and insights
  • Remote signature capture 
  • Arrive onsite prepared to mitigate the loss
  • Receive notifications in real time when the policyholder submits photos and signs documents

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Industry-leading field documentation

Collaborate with all stakeholders using documentation and process automation tools.

  • Easily capture photos, videos, notes, and sketches onsite 
  • Build an accurate scope of work using our documents
  • Simplify water jobs with an easy-to-follow workflow, reports, and alerts
  • Manage your pack-out with our contents tool
  • Any information captured in the field can be instantly accessed back at the office

Free 14 Day Trial


Accurate real-time reports

Generate reports using real-time data from the field. 

  • Forms and documents customized to your specifications
  • Personalized and branded documents
  • Remote signature capture
  • Automated report generation

Ask us how we can digitize your work authorization, schedule of loss, preliminary report, and other documents in Encircle.

Unlimited Users and Usage

Access the resources you need to get the job done. Encircle doesn’t limit the number of users, amount of content, or the number of locations you can work from.  
  • Add unlimited contractors, sub-trades, and admin staff
  • No photo or video limit
  • WiFi, mobile, and offline network coverage
  • Android, iPhone, and web compatible
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“Encircle has helped with our KPIs with insurance companies. [...] The inspection reports are getting uploaded and sent to the insurance companies before our project managers are off site, so [they] know exactly what’s happened at the loss and if it’s a covered loss.”
Jake Fuller - Mitigation Manager at Paul Davis, London
“That same report that took half an hour to an hour to compile with Encircle, it would have taken 24 hours for us to really do a similar quality job.”
Keegan Trudgen - Owner of PuroClean Disaster Services of Chicago
“It’s cut down on the hours used traveling back and forth making sure that documents, work authorizations, signatures, and photos are uploaded and I am able to complete more assignments within the day.”
Derrick Baldree - General Manager at FireStar Inc.

Case Studies

Encircle works with leading restoration service providers around the world. See how Encircle can help you reduce administrative time, increase productivity, and become more profitable.

QFB Improves Efficiencies Using Encircle

QFB has been able to improve their processes and create consistency across their jobs as a result of using Encircle.

FireStar Inc. Uses Link by Encircle to Gain Remote Visibility into Losses

Since implementing Encircle, FireStar Inc. is able to understand the severity of a loss before they're on site allowing them to send the right resources.

PuroClean Impresses Carriers with Comprehensive Reports

PuroClean Disaster Services sets themselves apart from their competitors with solid documentation.