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Manage your workflow, from first notice of loss (FNOL) to resolution on a single platform that connects you with policyholders and service providers in real-time.

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customer satisfaction
Customer Experience 
Empower policyholders with real-time data capture and sharing, creating a faster and more accurate process.
Create Trust & Transparency
Create Trust and Transparency
Connect stakeholders in a claim with access to all documents, photos, videos, notes, and sketches, creating trust and transparency.
Efficiency and Productivity
Efficiency and Productivity
Automate pen and paper tasks with easy-to-use digital tools that streamline processes and improve collaboration. Get the information you need faster.
Reduce your Costs
Ensure accuracy to eliminate leakage and soft fraud, resulting in decreased costs and improved profitability.

Centralized Data Collection

Share, receive, and save information from multiple parties in a centralized system allowing work in parallel.

  • Data repository and audit trail
  • Documents, photos, videos, notes, sketches, contents, moisture readings, and reports
  • Visibility and access to all information, creating transparency and trust

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Your Link To The Field

Link connects insurers to policyholders and service providers via text message or email, enabling quick photo and signature capture at the site of the loss.

  • Visual documentation to guide decision-making
  • Document review and remote signature capture
  • A user-friendly experience, no app download required

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Your Link to the Field

Digital Tools That Improve Productivity

No more tedious pen and paper processes. Field teams capture information digitally and share with your claims desk instantly, eliminating costly delays.

  • Quickly share information from the field to the office
  • Efficient collaboration and parallel decision-making
  • Improve accuracy with real-time visibility
  • Easily integrates with other platforms to avoid duplication of work

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Professional Forms & Reports

Create and send professionally formatted reports and forms with a single click from the field or office.

  • Instantly generate and share media-rich reports
  • Customized digital forms with remote signature capture
  • Send, receive, view, and sign forms via mobile or web

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Reclaim Your Workflow

See how Encircle can help you process claims faster


“Encircle eliminated a huge amount of back and forth calls and emails that take up so much time. Our files were updated automatically while most other teams of adjusters had to wait hours for photos, notes, documents to upload.”

Kate Nelson - Adjuster at Gore Mutual
“Encircle has dramatically increased the quality of information we gather in the field. Visual evidence-based documentation allows us to assess, analyze and rate our risks more effectively. It has also allowed us to better organize information and deliver consistent quality reports and assessments.”
Jim Zyta - Vice President of Loss Prevention at Heartland Farm Mutual


With Encircle, insurance companies are increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience. See how we're working with leaders in the space to transform the claims process.

Fort McMurray Wildfires - Encircle Impact

Encircle helps insurers and restoration contractors improve efficiency and collaboration during the costliest disaster in Canadian history.