Simplify water jobs with Encircle's Moisture Tool

Tired of wading through paperwork, equipment, and data as you work through water jobs? Discover how our new moisture tool simplifies jobs with an easy-to-follow workflow, automated reports, and alerts. 

Use a moisture map to visually document the claim

Easy as 1-2-3

Our intuitive workflow guides you as you enter data

Our moisture tool guides techs through the process of gathering readings to help them collect the necessary information. Plus, PMs and lead technicians can instantly review and audit the tech’s work: readings, measurements, moisture points, and equipment placement.



The Basics of Water Jobs

Written by Kris Rzesnoski, a Certified Restorer and Water Loss Specialist, this ebook covers everything from the fundamentals and the science, to reducing your liability on the job and taking readings, to equipment calculations and more.

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Stop Guessing

Know instantly when the drying conditions are helping or hurting a job

Our Moisture tool features alerts that notify you when something needs your immediate attention. Know the effectiveness of your equipment on a job site. Moisture tool alerts will guide field staff when a dehumidifier may be malfunctioning, giving them an option to remotely ask for help from a more senior technician to help resolve the problem or if needed prompts them through the steps to simply replace the unit themselves. 

Proactively manage your moisture jobs by mitigating issues as they occur.

Know when and where equipment is placed

Managing your equipment

Use our equipment tracking feature to digitally track your equipment, billing time, and power usage within a claim. You can also easily edit the equipment installation time and removal time on a claim if a field technician forgets to remove the equipment when the job is done or adds/removes equipment incorrectly. When you pass your Encircle PDF report onto an adjuster you can be confident that the equipment listing is accurate and your claims administrator can bill quickly and correctly. 

Know when and where equipment is placed

Impress Your Customers with solid documentation

New reports: Summary, Full, and Equipment

Save time and money with comprehensive reports created in just a click. Send a detailed summary report to help adjusters understand the progress and how things were mitigated. Include a thorough, full report when needed. Help insurance companies understand what equipment was used on the job and why. Help ensure policyholders are reimbursed for the electricity used to run the equipment. 



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Water jobs are complex. But they don't have to be

with Encircle's Moisture tool.

See how we can help simplify water jobs. Request a demo to see our moisture tool in action, or learn more about the exciting features in our recent press release. Included for free as a part of the Encircle Platform!