Imagine having an app that was actually designed to dry a building

A tool field technicians could use to help make better decisions on the job—to make restorative drying simple.

This Fall, it's finally here. 

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Hydro, within the next evolution of the Encircle all-in-one field documentation platform, is like having a water damage expert right in your pocket, guiding any field tech through the overwhelming and error-prone process of restorative drying. Hydro not only helps you dry a job, but capture documentation that will stand up in a court of law and easily justify your charge-outs.

With Encircle Hydro at your fingertips, you can:

Support Field Techs
Empower and guide field techs regardless of their training. They can function at a higher levelmaking their job easier and fasterwhile improving the accuracy of their paperwork.
Simplify Water Jobs
Scope the mitigation, establish a dry standard, create a drying plan, determine what equipment is needed and where it should be placed, and to log moisture and psychrometric readings.
Gain Job Visibility
Use Hydro to stay on top of unexpected changes on the job with alerts for equipment malfunctions or a sudden increase in moisture levels.
Easily Create Reports
With just a couple clicks, produce high quality, interactive reports with comprehensive documentation to support your decisions and justify your charge-outs.

Help your teams restore more effectively and increase your profits with Hydro

With Encircle Hydro, restoration contractors can take on more complex jobs without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and disorganized. You’ll be in control of your business, while your technicians have the support and guidance they need to work the same way every time. Plus, you’ll be able to justify your actions to TPAs and adjusters on every job, easily demonstrating that you used the right amount of equipment.

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