Handle CATs like a PRO

Regardless of the type and magnitude, disasters happen. Are you ready for your next CAT? 

Encircle is the tool you need to stay connected to your team, the adjuster, and the policyholder. Get remote visibility from the first notice of loss through the close of a claim.


Read How Restorers Use Encircle During CATs

Claims Processed Faster at Fort McMurray with Encircle

Restoration contractors decreased claim documentation time from 24 hours to 1 hour with Encircle.

Encircle Streamlines Documentation During Hurricane Harvey

Encircle helped JC Restoration bridge the gap between their field and office teams with real-time communication, allowing all stakeholders to work collaboratively on the claims.

Encircle Helps PuroClean Disaster Services of Chicago Impress Carriers with Comprehensive Reports

PuroClean Disaster Services sets themselves apart from their competitors with solid documentation.

easy as 1-2-3

Gain Remote Visibility Before You Deploy Resources

Using visual data, you can speak confidently about the loss and ensure your team is prepared when they arrive onsite.



Share Link via text message or email


Policyholder remotely documents their loss with video, photos, and signatures




Receive notifications when completed


Make Fast, Accurate Decisions

Catastrophe responses require a lot of coordination and collaboration between your team and adjusters to help policyholders get back to their homes as soon as possible. Enable your office team to see the scope of the loss in real- time while your field team is on site. Work collaboratively and move quickly on a claim regardless of physical location.


Save time

Generate Reports Instantly

Manually labelling photos to describe the loss wastes valuable time in a CAT situation. Streamline that process by using Encircle to create comprehensive reports that are easy for insurance adjusters and reviewers to follow.


Increase Capacity

Process More Claims

Document claims and issue reports in a single site visit. Make it effortless for your field teams to gather the information you need. Allow the office team to manage in real time. Have your whole team on the same page.

“With Encircle, we were set up in an hour and sharing updates in real-time. Encircle was critical in bridging communications between the field and all involved, regardless of their location, and decisions were made instantly.”
Director of Operations at J.C. Restoration
“That same report that took half an hour to an hour to compile with Encircle, it would have taken 24 hours for us to really do a similar quality job.”
Owner of PuroClean Disaster Services
“We weren’t using Encircle before the fire but we quickly decided that there was a lot of benefit to it. I was amazed at how quickly the team got up to speed using the app and the impact it made on our productivity. We were able to double the number of claims we processed within 48 hours of using Encircle.”
DKI Proserve