Connect Encircle to the systems you already use

Encircle provides an easy to use REST API to help streamline your workflows and keep you focused on the important stuff.

With our API, you can create and fetch claim data to share between the tools you already use. This can save you time, improve consistency, and reduce human error.

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Connecting systems to expedite claims

Integrate our secure, trusted Encircle API to create and manage claims using one platform. You can:

  • Create and update claims
  • Create and fetch notes
  • Assign a claim to a specific Encircle user
  • Synchronize documentation, photos, videos, and more!

Key Benefits

Accurate Data
Add a claim once and pull information from one system to another to reduce duplicate data entry and human error.
Automatically Sync Information

Automatically synchronize photos, documents, sketches, and moisture maps between your tools. Your workflows are now quicker and you’re more productive.
Our extensive and continuously growing API allows your tools to integrate with Encircle so data can live where you want. Contact us if you have a request for new functionality.

Ready to get started?

Build your own integration with Encircle, if you have the inhouse capability.


We also have partners that can help you build an integration. Contact our Customer Success team for more information on getting started.