Did you know that increasing your margins by as little as 3% could be the equivalent of increasing your job volume and revenues by 40%? Find out how you can weather tough markets by improving your margins. In this webinar as Kris Rzesnoski and Chris Gulbronson explain how investing in the right processes and technology can have a profound effect on your bottom line and profitability.


Welcome Kris Rzesnoski and Chris Gulbronson to kick off the BDMA Profitability class by Encircle.  We discuss how solid documentation processes for moisture and contents can lead to easy, comprehensive reporting.

Tale of 2 Losses

We discuss real life examples of multiple carriers in row homes and how better documentation and equipment placing helped them generate 2-5% more profit on a job.

Profit margins and gaps

Learn how much each aspect of your business can be increased.  We walk through each part of doing business and where efficiencies can increase your profits.

Reducing Costs

We discuss what are some of the best ways to reduce costs without impacting your business and volume of jobs.  

Impact on Reducing cost

Learn how these cost reduction strategies affect your business and team. We also touch on how to overcome objections and friction that may arise.

Unit Pricing and Charge Outs

Kris goes into detail on unit pricing and scope creep.  We detail the importance of how using technology will help increase charge-outs because your field tech and trades are capturing the entire scope.

Increasing Charge-outs & Profits

We break down the steps and importance of each charge-outs and their direct relation to increasing your profits without having to cut anything.  

Sizing a job correctly

We break down how to size a job correctly to prevent scope creep. We want you to get paid for every additional service, drying, and cleaning service that will be done on the job site. 

Increasing Volume of jobs

We discuss how implementing efficiencies will help you increase the volume of jobs your team will be able to take on. In turn, helping empower your team and increase your profits.

Carrier profits and eBooks

Learn about how insurance carriers make up their profits and the process they use when reviewing your reports and how to ensure your teams have less pushback. Along with our free eBooks full of valuable content.

Kris Rzesnoski, CR, WLS, FLS, CLS, RTPE, Vice President, Encircle

Kris Rzesnoski,

Vice President, Encircle

With over 15 years of experience in the restoration and insurance industries, Kris is committed to driving Encircle’s delivery of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that improve productivity and profitability. Kris currently sits on the RIA’s Restoration Council, Canadian Education Committee, and is the Chairman of the Estimating Committee.

Chris G-Round

Chris Gulbronson

Senior Account Executive in Sales,

Chris is a Senior Account Executive with Encircle. For the past 3 years he’s worked closely with restoration contractors and insurance adjusters, in the North American, United Kingdom, and Australian markets. He has a passion for increasing your business efficiency with mobile technology.