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Administrative Strategies resolve claims 54 times faster with Encircle

Technology partnership reduces time from initial claim to payment resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction

July 18, 2018 - (Kitchener, Ontario) - Administrative Strategies, industry leading provider of catastrophe response and National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims handling solutions, has chosen Encircle Inc. as their collaboration, documentation, and field productivity software solution provider.

“We are very pleased with the results that Administrative Strategies has been able to achieve by implementing Encircle”

Administrative Strategies is dedicated to delivering on their promise to quickly and accurately put people’s lives back in order after a loss. However, traditional system processes, distance, site access, and resources can make this promise challenging. Administrative Strategies selected the Encircle platform to digitally gather information and streamline workflows resulting in a significant gain in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“Encircle Link helps us deliver on our promise to get our customers on the road to recovery within hours and not days,” explained James Gardner, Field Claims Manager and Adjuster, Administrative Strategies, LLC. “We can now confirm flooding at first contact, get the Advance and Preliminary Report started before an inspection even occurs, and submit it before the adjuster leaves the property! This gain in efficiency has allowed us to improve the customer experience and to deliver on our promise.”

Without downloading an app, the insured can provide photos, details of the loss, and signatures from their smartphone or tablet using Encircle Link. The time from initial contact to payment request drops from 10.8 days to just 0.2 days when using Encircle Link; making the process 54 times faster than their traditional process. This reduction in time enhances customer interaction at their time of need, improves communication with all parties involved and facilitates faster delivery of accurate advances.

“We are very pleased with the results that Administrative Strategies has been able to achieve by implementing Encircle,” commented Paul Donald, Co-Founder and CEO, Encircle Inc. “By using Encircle to improve documentation and communication, Administrative Strategies has dramatically improved their operations and reduced cycle times, giving them time back to focus on providing customers with the exceptional customer service they’re known for.”


About Administrative Strategies

Administrative Strategies, LLC provides business strategies, solutions, and consulting services with unparalleled quality, service, and compassion. Their value-added service, experience, open communications, and “can do” spirit equips them to build on the strong foundation they have established and allows them to deliver exemplary services to their business partners.



By making it easy to collect, manage, and use field data, Encircle speeds up restoration jobs, gives visibility into a job's progress, and simplifies the creation and sharing of detailed reports. These reports meet and exceed the insurance industry's strict documentation requirements, improving customer satisfaction. Discover how Encircle makes managing claims easy at


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