Getting Started with the Encircle Platform

Welcome to Encircle! To help your team get up and running, we have a few quick steps to set up your account in the Encircle Web App.

Getting Started Branding4


Set up your Company's Branding

1. Click Settings on the left hand menu.
2. Click on the Brand Info tile.
3. Click on the pencil icon to edit your logo, contact information, legal name, and footer.
4. Click Save.

This will help auto-populate your forms and reports with your business’ name and address.

Getting Started Billing-v2


Next, let’s set up your billing information.

  1. Click Settings on the left hand menu. 
  2. Click on the Billing tile.
  3. Click on Payment Methods.
  4. Click Add Card and enter your credit card. Click Auto Pay in the top right corner to automate paying your invoices. 
Getting Started Team-v2

Adding Team Members

Let’s invite your team members.

  1. Click Settings and then click on the Members tile.
  2. Click the Invite Users button.
  3. Enter the email(s) of the users you would like to invite and click Send Invitations.
  4. Select the permission settings for the users you have invited:
    1. Org Admin: Highest permission, can manage users, permissions, billing, branding and settings.
    2. Claim Admin: Sees all claims, can share with other users and delete claims.
    3. Self-Assign: Sees all claims but cannot delete or re-share.
    4. Limited: Claim must be assigned to this person, cannot delete or share.
  5. Click Save permissions.

We recommend the following permissions settings for your team: 

  • Claim Admin: Project Managers, Claims Coordinators, and Admins 
  • Self-Assign: Technicians 
  • Limited: Sub-trades, Temporary Employees 

Setting up External Assignments

Avoid double entry and populate your claims automatically! Sync your external assignments directly into Encircle by clicking External Assignments and following the instructions.



Fine-Tune Your Settings

Adjust and customize your dispositions list, box types, drying preferences, and room templates to simplify contents, drying, and sending Link by Encircle. 

Manage List

Let’s review your disposition list.

Dispositions are how the contents will be handled. For example, you could use “Storage–Onsite”, “Ultrasonics”, “Hand Cleaning”, “Non-restorable” or “Sentimental Item” as possible classifications. Creating detailed dispositions will help your team process contents and drive reports based on the dispositions.

  1. Click Settings and click on the Manage Lists tile.
  2. Click Edit Disposition List to update the dispositions.
  3. Enter the new dispositions and click Save.
SETUP Room Templates

Save time by creating reusable  Room Templates 

Use room templates to make your common jobs even easier to set up.

  1. Click Settings and click on the Manage Lists tile.
  2. Scroll down to Room Templates. Click Add Room Template and enter the name and rooms that commonly experience losses.
  3. Click Save when you are finished.


Simplify drying!

Adjust your drying preferences and upload your equipment list. Get your equipment inventory setup within the app to track the drying progress, onsite time, energy used, and provide comprehensive drying reports.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Under Drying Preferences, select your preferred Length Unit, Temperature Scale, and Specific Humidity.
  3. Download the Equipment Inventory Excel template. (from the help center).
  4. Copy and paste your equipment into the Excel template.
  5. Email the Excel sheet back to us and we’ll get it setup in your account for you!
Box Types

Customize your box types

This will help your team keep count and understand what is being applied to a job.

  1. Scroll down to Box Types.
  2. Click Edit Box Types to add, remove or customize box types.
  3. Click Save.
Setup Status (1)

See your team's progress in a glance 

Customize your job status settings to the terminology your team uses.

  1. Click Settings and click on the Job Status tile.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to create custom sub-statuses under each heading for Mitigation, Contents, and Rebuild.
  3. Enter your new sub-status and click Save.

Claims inbox

Welcome to the Claims Inbox!

Here you can see claims and their associated job status in relation to Mitigation, Contents, and Rebuild. In the top right corner, you can click Add Claim to create a new claim or click Filter.


Artboard 24

You're Now All Set Up With Encircle!

Have more questions about how to set up your account? See our Help Center. Want to learn how to improve your team’s workflow? Check out our Baseline Training!
See our Baseline Training