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Gain Remote Insights with Link

Connect with the policyholder with Encircle’s Link tool. Guide the policyholder as they document at First Notice of Loss. Receive photos and send work authorizations remotely to begin proactively planning your mitigation strategy.


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Document Losses Quickly and Accurately

Accurately capture the severity of a loss and pre-existing conditions with the Encircle Mobile App. Create initial reports and take readings on site.


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Improve Communication with Clients

Reduce the back and forth with adjusters, third party service providers, and clients with detailed reports that clearly explain the loss and mitigation strategy. Help clients understand the scope of work and provide visual evidence that supports the scope and estimate.


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Exceed Insurance and Customer Expectations

Create detailed, thorough before-and-after photos and reports that illustrates the scope of damage and the work completed to rebuild the loss. Allow the contractor quick access to changes orders and “sign off” during the rebuild process.  Help the contractor deal with deficiencies and warranties on the job.


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