Encircle Floor Plan vs. DocuSketch 

Both Encircle and DocuSketch provide restorers with the sketches they need for their estimates, but which solution is best for you?
Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison

Same outcome, different process. 

Encircle Floor Plan

Using any smartphone, anyone can create a scan video by walking through the property. An accurate 2D floor plan is delivered back in 90 minutes on average, and can be imported into Xactimate for an instant sketch.

Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison



With the purchase of a camera and a tripod system, trained team members capture 360° images of each room for a 3D tour. A sketch file will be created in 2 business days, or longer in high-volume situations.

How they stack up:

  encircle-logo-iconFloor Plan DocuSketch
Faster capture in the field checkmark-icon-orange-1 x-teal-icon
Only requires a smartphone checkmark-icon-orange-1 x-teal-icon
Easier capture (no training required) checkmark-icon-orange-1 x-teal-icon
Faster delivery checkmark-icon-orange-1 x-teal-icon
Consistent price (no hidden fees) checkmark-icon-orange-1 x-teal-icon
Lower price checkmark-icon-orange-1 x-teal-icon
360° images and 3D tour x-teal-icon checkmark-icon-orange-1
Xactimate sketch creation checkmark-icon-orange-1 checkmark-icon-orange-1
While Docusketch 360° capabilities can be useful on more complex projects, Encircle Floor Plan is faster, easier & more reliable for sketches and measurements needed on every job.

Why restorers choose Encircle Floor Plan over DocuSketch:


Faster in the field.

  • Scan entire properties in 5 mins, in one video
  • No stopping and starting between rooms or floors
  • No equipment to set up or connect
1 - Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison - Faster in the field


Delivered sooner.

  • Floor plans returned in 90 mins on average*
  • Reliable & consistent delivery, even during CAT events
  • Instant Xactimate sketch creation to start estimates on Day 1
2 - Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison - Delivered sooner


Affordable to use on every job.

3 - Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison - Affordable on every job


Anyone can create a sketch.

  • Built-in user guidance to correct scanning technique
  • No special training required
  • No waiting for equipment or trained staff to be available
4 - Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison Anyone can create a floor plan


One app, all field documentation.

5 - Encircle Floor Plan vs DocuSketch Comparison - Encircle one app for all field documentation


Testimonials from Happy Restorers using Encircle Floor Plan

“Encircle Floor Plan is one of the best tools I’ve used. It’s quick, very accurate. Makes my job a lot easier. Adjusters are always amazed when I show them.”

Mikie Rist, Lead Mitigation Technician,
Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration

“It’s the least amount of training I’ve had to do on any new software that we’ve brought in… It’s as close to instant digital sketches that we can get.”

Dale Middleton, Senior Estimator, ProStar Restoration

“Encircle Floor Plan is an amazing product for my company…it really saves us a lot of time, a lot of money, and has increased our productivity twofold. We can start the estimating process that very same day.”

John Woods, President, Crossroads Property Rescue

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*Actual return times may vary, but are always guaranteed to be within 6 hours of when the video scan is received to Encircle servers.