LIVE THU, MAY 11 2023
12-1:30 PM ET short-lessons-icon1.5 HOURS

Documentation 101:

Tell a clear story of every restoration job

Join us live as restoration experts explain how to build easy documentation routines with your team. Convey every job's story clearly, create estimates faster, & justify your work — with data captured from the field.

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You don't get paid for what you do.
You get paid for what you document. 

Register for this free 1.5 hour session & learn how to improve your documentation workflows. Because if you didn't document it, did it even really happen?! 🤔 Experts will cover the topics below + an open Q+A:

  • Documentation SOPs - How do you go about designing + implementing SOPs, and training & motivating your team?  
  • Reducing risk with documentation - What are the non-negotiables when arriving on site? What paperwork should be completed before work begins? 
  • Success starts in the field - How do you choose the right tech? What makes a great field report? (Photos, videos, notes, sketches, floor plans, moisture documentation, etc). 
  • Reporting & estimating - how can you speed up estimate creation to paid? How do you ensure that you’re able to maintain your SLAs at the volume you do? Estimate “must-haves” and things that are commonly missed.