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A field documentation platform to power your restoration business

Goodbye invoice slashing. Hello business growth.

If you can’t prove it, you don’t get paid.


Encircle makes it easier on your field and office teams to effectively tell the story of a loss, helping you to get paid in full on every job, and freeing up valuable time and resources to help your business grow.

All your documentation, in one application.

water-damage-iconWater damage
Capture critical water job details in a simple and guided workflow. Show the drying plan, monitor progress, get alerts and guidance if things are going off track, and justify the work with Encircle Hydro.
fire-smoke-iconFire and smoke
Tell the story of a fire loss from initial site inspection through to rebuild, within one Encircle file. Leverage features like video walkthrough, Encircle Floor Plan, and reports to get all parties on the same page.
mold-remediation-iconMold remediation
Meet regulatory standards for mold jobs with custom forms and consistent processes. Document every detail and keep all parties up-to-date with fast and easy reports.
Save days in the field inventorying and packing out personal property. Contents managers operate more efficiently with Encircle’s simple and repeatable contents workflow.
biohazard-iconBiohazard cleanup
Get your teams in and out of hazardous sites as fast as possible. With a mobile app designed to minimize clicks and maximize efficiency, Encircle won’t slow you down in the field.
Dispersed teams and high job volumes after CATs require technology that keeps you connected and in-the-know. Amidst the chaos, Encircle delivers reliability in these extreme situations.

Eliminate manual processes and administrative headaches.

Set your field teams up for success.

Create a consistent field documentation process that is achievable, everytime. Empower your field teams to capture all documentation in a single, easy-to-use app.


Stay connected from anywhere.

Give all teams direct access to field documentation in one place, reducing the need for check-in calls and texts, and increasing productivity between field and office teams. With unlimited users, any team member can watch in real-time as the job file is populated with documentation.

See the difference in your bottom line.

Stop wasting non-billable hours on tedious tasks and paperwork, and have your staff focus on projects that truly add value to the business. Plus, use Encircle’s detailed and professional reports to decrease adjuster pushback and invoice slashing, keeping your jobs profitable.


Transform your job documentation from a pain point to a profit-driver.

Book a 30-minute demo to learn how Encircle can help take your restoration business to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most! 

Is it difficult to get my team trained on Encircle?

We know how hard it is to find, train, and keep good employees. That’s why we have EncircleU, an online learning platform free for Encircle customers to use to train their teams on the Encircle field documentation platform. Completing EncircleU courses qualifies for IICRC continuing education credits, which is an incredible value for Encircle customers to access free training. You can learn more about EncircleU by visiting the EncircleU page.

How is this easier than the other apps we’ve tried?

Many restorers in the field don’t like mobile apps because restoration software solutions have not been built with the field user in mind – they are overly cumbersome and complex, so techs fall back to the comfort of pen and paper. That’s where Encircle is different. We started with the mobile experience first, making sure it was easy for field users, so you can finally ditch the pen and paper.

Isn’t Encircle just for taking photos?

No! Encircle is much more than a photo app. Encircle provides everything a restoration contractor needs for complete field documentation together in one app. Photos, videos, notes, floor plans, contents, moisture readings, e-signatures, digital documents, and more. All of this inputs into reports that can be generated in minutes with all of the job details to document the loss, justify the work that was done, and get paid without pushback.

How many people can be working in a file at once?

We know that there are a lot of systems out there that only allow one person at the time to work in the job file, but Encircle isn’t one of them. Anyone with access to the job file in Encircle can be working in it, so multiple technicians can be documenting a loss in the field and at the same time, the PM or office admin can be in the file back at the office and monitor what’s happening in real-time – making your job documentation much faster and more efficient.

Can I use this for commercial jobs?

Yes absolutely! Encircle can scale to meet the needs of any job size and any situation. With offline capabilities, multiple users working in a file at once, and unlimited data storage, you can rely on Encircle for any job.

What if we have bad or no cell service?

We know that restorers often find themselves in some of the most challenging environments, where a reliable internet connection just isn’t a possibility. That’s why Encircle works offline the same way it works online, so you and your team can document everything as you normally would in the app and when you’re back online, everything will automatically sync. You don’t have to re-enter anything or worry that any information has been lost.