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Helping restorers with Hurricane Laura response preparations

The unpredictability of hurricane season can cause a lot of stress. Expected to be the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. this year, Laura has taken its toll on Louisiana.  According to an analysis by financial and property-data firm CoreLogic Inc., more than 430,000 homes in Texas and Louisiana, with a reconstruction cost value of $88.6 billion, are at risk of storm-surge damage. We know your best defense is to be as prepared as possible and that's where the Encircle platform can help. 

Encircle is here to help

Responding to a catastrophic event involves a lot of coordination and collaboration between restoration contractors and adjusters. We understand the risks you and your team are taking when responding to catastrophic losses. The team at Encircle has created some helpful free tools to ensure you are rewarded for your efforts and not stuck with any unfortunate losses to revenue. 

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2020 Expectations

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30 and forecasts cover the Atlantic Basin. 2020 has a mind of its own and we’ve already seen Tropical Storm Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, and Dolly!

The first hurricane of 2020, Hurricane Hanna, hit July 23. Soon after Hanna, Hurricane Isaías became the second hurricane of the 2020 season, sweeping through the Caribbean and along the East Coast of the U.S.

The first storm of August 2020 was Tropical Storm Josephine on the 11th, followed by Tropical Storm Kyle on the 14th. A few days later, two more systems began to form: Hurricane Laura, which is ongoing as a Category 3 storm as of August 26, and Hurricane Marco, which strengthened to a Category 1 storm before dissipating on August 25.

Overall, an above-average number of storms are expected in 2020, making for an “extremely active” season. Check out more predictions and common questions here


PuroClean Disaster Services deployed Encircle just before heading down to the Carolinas to help with clean-up efforts. They knew it would be the perfect time to see what Encircle could do. “[During the Hurricane Florence clean-up] every loss that we did, from inspection to final billing, we used Encircle and it created these great reports...Adjusters took that and said you have everything here,” noted Keegan Trudgen, Owner of PuroClean Disaster Services.

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